ASCEND to Servant Leadership

“Great leadership means great service.”

John C Maxwell

This workshop provides tools and resources to empower the people on your team to win!

Establish the value of a Servant Leader approach to leadership.

Define what Servant Leadership is and is not.

Build a plan to become a better Servant Leader.

In this interactive workshop you will learn:

The difference between leadership and servanthood:

The more gifted you are to lead, the greater the temptation
to forego the calling to serve.

Product of giftingProduct of character
Developed and honedEmerges from your choices
Connected to talentIndependent of talent
Matter of abilityMatter of heart
About moving peopleAbout “why” and motive
Technically competentEarns trust and respect

The six steps of the ASCEND Model

  • The Approach
  • The Servant Mindset
  • The “Courageous Climb”
  • Empowering the Results
  • Navigating the Summit
  • Designing the Future

How the “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” integrates with Servant Leadership

The Law of Influence

The Law of Solid Ground

The Law of Connection

The Law of Addition

The Law of Empowerment

The Law of Buy-In

The Law of Respect

Let’s build something great together.

Workshop Components

Component A

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Component B

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Component C

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Component D

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