Change Your World Transformation Tables: ACTION

Online Lesson

Following completion of the Values Tables you’ll be eligible to move into ACTION tables where you’ll build on the foundation of good values with lessons focused on learning to intentionally take action with others.

Once this 6 week rotation is complete you will have access to a curation of guided plans, exercises, and videos to help you create a plan for impact. Plus, nineteen additional values lessons!

What You’ll Learn:

– The Lifestyle of Successful People (living intentionally)
– You Can Make Your Life a Great Story (living a life of significance)
– Putting Your Purpose Into Action (What are my strengths, what needs can I meet?)
– Everyday Essentials for Living a Life of Significance (the 5 everyday essentials of significance)
– Making A Difference Together (working with other people)
– Creating a Meaningful Scorecard (feeling good isn’t enough to change the world)

“Every worthwhile journey is uphill.”

John Maxwell