Inclusive Leadership in a Highly Diverse World


The value and benefit of having a highly diverse team can only be realized with a culture of inclusiveness. Inclusive leaders cultivate an environment where everyone on their team feels safe, valued, welcome, and as though they belong. When someone feels safe and welcome, they do not feel the need to cover their
identity or, worse yet, take on the identity of the leader. Teammates feel free to be themselves. When this happens, the leader and the organization will reap the full benefit found in highly diverse teams.

“The bottom line in leadership isn’t how far we advance ourselves, but how far we advance others.”

John C Maxwell
Details of the six modules for this workshop:

Module 1
What is Inclusive Leadership and what makes an inclusive leader?

a. Define Inclusive Leadership
b. Identifying the challenges of Inclusive Leadership
c. Introduce the Inclusive Leader Model

Module 2
The Self-Aware Leader

a. How self-aware are you?
b. Tools to increase your self-awareness
c. Identifying and removing blind spots

Module 3
The Culturally Intelligent Leader

a. Why would cultural intelligence improve inclusiveness?
b. How do you identify?
c. Understanding the dynamics and differences.

Module 4
The Curious Leader

a. The role of curiosity in being more inclusive.
b. Are you asking questions or being curious?
c. How teachable are you?
d. Are you interested or trying to be interesting?

Module 5
The Consciously Biased Leader

a. The role of bias when trying to be inclusive
b. Moving from stereotyping to generalizing.
c. Overcoming the “Like Me” bias

Module 6
The Equitable Leader

a. Equality vs. Equity
b. Becoming aware of the barriers people face.